These superheroes are the team that keep WordCamp Orlando running!

Lisa Melegari

Lady Leader (Lead Organizer)

Chaille Scott

The Party Princess (Party & Food Organizer)

David Laietta

The Fixer (Budget Review, Swag Selection; Goes Where He is Needed)

Irina Blumenfeld

Sidekick Trainer (Volunteer Coordinator)

Jeffrey de Wit

The Dutch Developer (Website Functionality & General Villainy)

Demian Seiler

The Fantastic Fundraiser (Sponsor Organizer)

Sandy Edwards

Kid Commander (Kids Camp Organizer)

Chris Edwards

Captain Compliance (Safety Coordinator & A/V Manager)

James Tryon

Layout Lad (Graphic Design & Site Layout)

David Yarde

Batman (Justice Organizer)

Adam Soucie

The MC Manager (Speaker Coordinator)